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We provide a range of advisory and  business management services geared toward helping healthcare firms achieve accelerated growth: 

​       - M&A strategy and execution

       - Corporate carveouts

       - M&A Integration

       - Market & channel development

       - Outsourcing logistics and OTC

       - Pre-sale advisory & preparation

       - Turn-around management

       - Due diligence



Whether developing and executing an acquisition strategy; outsourcing order-to-cash activities; executing a complex corporate carve-out and integration; turning-around an underperforming division; or evaluating a new product expansion opportunity . . . EHA leads teams through challenging environments in complex cross-border and cross-cultural situations. 


Our clients include large multi-national medical device firms, small and medium sized healthcare product businesses, and healthcare-focused private equity firms, all of whom trust in our unique ability to advance their objectives and, quite simply, help them achieve their objectives to accelerate growth.





Unique experience . . . JV Wulf & Co, European Healthcare Advisors was started in 2015 by James V. (JV) Wulf and is based near Geneva, Switzerland. Mr. Wulf has a 25+ year career serving in operating leadership and M&A strategy roles within the med-tech and pharmaceutical sectors of healthcare. His experience includes lead executive of EMEA for Haemonetics, Medline and Carefusion, all US-based multinational med-tech firms, along with 15+ years with Cardinal Health in the USA. Mr. Wulf has run and grown businesses with geographical scope across Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the USA. He has led the completion of over 50 change-in-control transactions in the healthcare industry, ranging from "kitchen table" negotiated deals with entrepreneurs to multi-billion dollar public company spinoffs. Having lived and worked in Europe for nearly a decade, Mr. Wulf started EHA with the purpose of helping healthcare product and service firms achieve accelerated growth and attractive returns while navigating the complexities inherent in european and emerging markets.

Unique approach . . . Achieving success in global markets and cross-cultural business settings is challenging in any circumstance. When coupled with deploying large amounts of capital or dealing with a complex business opportunity, the risks of delay, failure, frustration, and wasted capital rise exponentially. At EHA we understand these dynamics and leverage our experience to position our clients efficiently and for ultimate success:

  • We take a practical, results-driven approach to identify the specific activities required to reach our client's objective

  • We focus on our client's objective, not the objective of preserving a client-relationship

  • We provide substantive and actionable advice, along with the know-how, urgency and credibility to implement it

  • We know how large companies behave, act and take decisions and, so, how to work efficiently with them

  • We appreciate how entrepreneurs and SMEs value their businesses and view their markets, opportunities and threats

  • We bring an engaging, authentic style that "bridges the gap" - both culturally and regionally - between current or prospective cross-border and cross-cultural relationships.

Unique results . . . EHA helps clients accelerate growth. Our results-orientation has contributed to completion of a complex corporate carve-out of a cardiovascular business in the EMEA region, including the establishment of an EMEA HQ and outsourcing of all warehouse/logistics and order-to-cash activities. We developed and led a post-merger integration program for a PE-sponsored transatlantic combination of three businesses. Other engagements have included helping a US-based multi-national complete the acquisition of its distributor, leading a business development project focused on a healthcare automation project in the top 5 EU markets, and assisting a private equity firm on a pan-european investment and business development strategy.


Rte F-L Duvillard 6

1295 Tannay


Tel: +41 78 688 82 41

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